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World Archery Rules compliant: Ianseo is always up to date with World Archery rules. Developers are available for customizations to fit National and Competition Specific Rules too!
Help and support: if you need some help, send an email to you will get an answer directly from the core developers of Ianseo!
On site training and courses: Ianseo is available to manage specific on location courses. Two levels: without and with the electronic devices. The first is aimed to know all aspects of ianseo from competition preparation and schedule up to online publication and local distribution of results. The second is aimed on acquiring all the specific knowledge to run an "arrow by arrow" competition.
Donate! Ianseo is free and open source... if you like it please help us keeping software and server up to date: press the "Donate" button on the home page of!
Social Media: Ianseo is also on Facebook, Twitter!
Free online publishing: with a basic Internet connection you can show the world what is going on during the competition. It is free, so why wait? Once the competition is created, ask for a code through the menu item «Competition=>Send to».
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Ianseo 2023-01-10 (rev 1277)
New Tournament
  Competition Code Name Organized by Place Date
Opentestartestar7880 - Skogen IFtestarFrom 06-23-2024 To 06-23-2024
Open111 - 111From 06-08-2024 To 06-08-2024
Open2024146Herrgårds 3D 20247880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenOskarshamnFrom 06-08-2024 To 06-08-2024
Open2024222Sunes Minne 20247880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenOskarshamn, SwedenFrom 06-07-2024 To 06-07-2024
Open2024005Blå Jungfrupilen 20247880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenOscarsgymnasiet, OskarshamnFrom 02-03-2024 To 02-03-2024
OpenTrv5Träning v57880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenBågskyttelokalen, OskarshamnFrom 01-29-2024 To 01-29-2024
Openteateatea - taeraeFrom 01-21-2024 To 01-21-2024
Opentest_ATest Andreas7880 - Skogens IFHärFrom 01-08-2024 To 01-08-2024
Open2024004Nyåret 20247880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenBågskyttelokalen i FredriksbergFrom 01-06-2024 To 01-06-2024
OpenBO23-8-1Bockara 3D7880 - Skogens IF Korsvägen Bockara From 08-10-2023 To 08-10-2023
Open2023274Sunes Minne 20237880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenOskarshamnFrom 07-10-2023 To 07-10-2023
Open2023218Herrgårdstavlan och öppet DM7880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenOskarshamnFrom 06-06-2023 To 06-06-2023
Open2023048Herrgårds-3D 20237880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenOskarshamnFrom 06-04-2023 To 06-04-2023
Open2023018Blå Jungfrupilen 20237880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenOscarsgymnasiet, OskarshamnFrom 02-04-2023 To 02-04-2023
Open2023017Nyåret 20237880 - Skogens IFFredriksberg, OskarshamnFrom 01-07-2023 To 01-07-2023
Opentesttest7880 - SkogenstestFrom 09-03-2022 To 09-03-2022
OpenSUM22Kvällstävling Sunes Minne 20227880 - Skogens IF Korsvägen BågskyttecenterFrom 07-11-2022 To 07-11-2022
OpenH3D22Herrgårds-3D 20227880 - Skogens IF Korsvägen Bockara IP From 06-04-2022 To 06-04-2022
OpenDMBL2022Blå Jungfrupilen och DM SÖGBF 20227880 - Skogens IFOscarsgymnasiet, OskarshamnFrom 02-05-2022 To 02-05-2022
OpenNY2021Nyåret 20217880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenBågskyttelokalen, Fredriksberg
From 01-02-2022 To 01-02-2022
Open3DSM21Svenska Mästerskapen i 3D 20217880 - Skogens IF KorsvägenHerrgårdsvägen 31
From 08-21-2021 To 08-22-2021
Open - From 00-00-0000 To 00-00-0000